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Premium in Futures and Options

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Asset Under Management In Mutual Funds

What Is Asset Under Management In Mutual Funds?

Mutual Funds 🪙

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What Is Debt Mutual Fund?

Debt often carries a negative connotation with it. People generally tend to believe that debt is something you incur. However, there’s the concept of...

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What is ATM/OTM/ITM in Options?

The terms ATM, OTM, and ITM appear frequently in online F&O trading. Understanding these terms can help you trade better. If you are wondering...

What is Scalp Trading?

What is Scalp Trading? Scalp trading is a form of intraday trading that involves buying and selling a financial instrument in seconds or minutes. ...

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What is a Book Value of a Share?

There are several listed companies in the stock market. Whether any of them is worth investing in or not is a difficult question. Every...