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Now Live: Dhan is available for users on Early Access

Over the past few years, and post pandemic particularly – investing has become a passion for many Indians. Many people have gotten introduced to investing & trading, many finding it fascinating, and many Indians now wanting to take control of their investments. Folks who have been in markets for a while, know it well and we would like to reiterate – markets are risky, and will always continue to be. 

For the past few months, we have studied feedback, reviews, comments, suggestions, and asks of over 250,000+ traders and investors. In August 2021, we announced our plans for Dhan. We are building a technology-led investment platform that is built grounds up for super traders and long term investors. We are building for users who have been in markets for a while, and are looking for a great investing and trading experience – something fast, simple, intuitive, secure and transparent.

Today, we are thrilled to announce we have opened ⚑Dhan for users who have applied for early access to our trading and investment platform. The app is available on both Android (Google Play) and iOS (Apple Store), users who registered for early access can download and get faster access to the app. 

Dhan app is currently available for limited users, in beta (and believer) mode – we want to ensure we build with our users, take their feedback, match their expectations, and optimize the experience. We have over 24+ small, medium and big features that are unique or built differently, either catering to traders, investors, or just cool features to experience. Over 2 to 6 months, we will unveil many of them for you – one or two every week. 

Can you get access to Dhan?
Yes, access is available for all. If referred by an existing user, who is already trading or investing via Dhan app – you get access faster. 

Here are some of the newest features we are introducing with Dhan:

  • ⚑Lightning Fast experience – we are built for speed in every possible way – updates, load times, navigation, processes and more. Once you experience Dhan, everything else will seem slow
  • Super Portfolio – Net worth, Allocation, Portfolio, Position and Funds, all in real time
  • Dedicated Portfolio experience for ETFs
  • Positions Management – Trader, taking positions in the market? There are tons of things for you, highlighting few here
  • Manage Position with Single Tap
  • Super detailed Position Summary, tracking every single trade
  • P&L Span, in real time – see how you stand in the market
  • Bifurcation of Positions – Total, or in Profit or in Loss
  • 1-tap exit: Exit all positions, just in profits or just cut loss
  • Real-time margin allocation
  • 1-tap convert to Intraday / Delivery
  • Manage Positions on Charts
  • Measure Depth while tracking positions
  • Trade from Charts
  • Faster loading of charts – choice of TradingView and ChartIQ
  • All your favorite charting indicators
  • Manage Depth
  • View Open Orders
  • Manage Positions
  • Real-Time Price Estimator
  • Dedicated Experience for Investing & Trading
  • All Order Types – Market, Limit, Trigger, Bracket, Cover Orders
  • Special Orders – SIP, Forever, Basket Orders
  • Special After Market Order Placement experience
  • Futures Traders – 15 Mins Built up, Open Interest & Futures Summary
  • Option Traders – Top Contracts, Open Interest, Option Chain, Advanced Option Chain (coming soon), Place Orders directly via Option Chain
  • All features for Futures & Options are also enabled for Currency & Commodity Traders
  • Full IPO Experience

This is not a complete list, there is more we are building for Traders & Investors to keep up with our aspirations of creating a great investing platform for users in India. We feel users need simple, seamless and at the same time insightful products & features to trade, and at Dhan, we are making this next-generation platform which is available for you now on Android & iOS.

Also coming soon: A full blown web experience with all the mentioned features and offerings. Very very soon.

Over the last month, we have engaged with many investors and traders in our continued efforts to build a technology-led product that helps Indians invest, trade smarter and faster. We were thrilled to receive extremely thoughtful and also actionable feedback from them, and we continue to be on our journey to build a superior product experience for our users. We are deeply grateful for the feedback we have received so far, and we continue to incorporate the suggestions and feedback. If you have more to share, feel free to do so via these forms for investors and traders.

We are excited to build with you, if you want to be an active contributor please join us on our Dhan community for interactions, feedback and updates from all of us at Dhan. Keep your feedback coming to us on feedback@dhan.co

Download Dhan now on Android & iOS .

Raising The Bar,
Team Dhan