Fundamentally Strong Stocks in India Fundamentally Strong Stocks in India

Top 10 Fundamentally Strong Stocks in India

When you are building a portfolio, it is imperative to include stocks having strong fundamentals, regardless of whether you’re swing trading or investing. Stocks with strong fundamentals can add balance to your portfolio. 

Furthermore, investing in fundamentally strong stocks may keep your overall portfolio relatively safe amidst tough market conditions. To make your job easier, here is the list of the top 10 fundamentally strong stocks in India.

List of Fundamentally Strong Stocks in India

A company with strong fundamentals will have a solid balance sheet with important markers like stable cash flow, above-average profits, and rising revenue. Given these conditions, we’ve compiled a list of these fundamentally strong shares. 

*List updated on 21-08-2023

1. Reliance Industries

  • Current Share Price: Rs. 2,522.65
  • 52-week high: Rs. 2,630.95
  • 52-week low: Rs. 1,979.13
  • Market cap: Rs. 17,07,330.00 crores

Reliance is a conglomerate that’s known to be one of the fundamentally strong stocks in India. Reliance operates in diverse industries including oil, chemicals, gas, digital services, retail, and more. It is one of the first private sector companies to be a part of the Fortune Global 500.

2. Titan Company

  • Current Share Price: Rs. 3,061.25
  • 52-week high: Rs. 3,210.00
  • 52-week low: Rs. 2,269.60
  • Market cap: Rs. 2,62,376.00 crores

Titan is one of India’s biggest watch producers and ranks fifth in the list of largest wristwatch manufacturers in the world. It has also expanded in the market of precious jewelry by launching Tanishq. 

Today the company is divided into four verticals – watches, jewelry, eyewear, and other accessories. With its presence in over 32 countries and solid company financials, Titan is definitely one of the most fundamentally strong stocks in India.

3. Infosys

  • Current Share Price: Rs. 1,398.00
  • 52-week high: Rs. 1,672.60
  • 52-week low: Rs. 1,185.30
  • Market cap: Rs. 5,78,661.00 crores

Infosys is a well-known company with its services spread across outsourcing, technology, consulting, and next-gen digital. Recently, the company announced a buyback of ₹9,300 cr. with a share value of ₹1,850 each. 

This step was taken to improve the stock performance during market uncertainties. Without a doubt, Infosys is one of the greatest large-cap stocks and a highly profitable option for retail investors.

4. Tata Consultancy Services

  • Current Share Price: Rs. 3,380.15
  • 52-week high: Rs. 3,575.00
  • 52-week low: Rs. 2,926.10
  • Market cap: Rs. 12,67,500.00 crores

TCS is one of the safest options for every investor in the country. This Indian company is involved in business solutions, information technology services, and digital products. Tata Consultancy Services has a strong portfolio including multiple brands. 

The company’s margin and revenue have recently seen positive outcomes, making it a safe choice for you to invest in.

5. Hindustan Unilever

  • Current Share Price: Rs. 2,571.45
  • 52-week high: Rs. 2,769.65
  • 52-week low: Rs. 2,393.00
  • Market cap: Rs. 5,99,792.00 crores

HUL is one of the top fundamentally strong companies in India. Currently the 5th largest company in the country, HUL owns more than 44 brands spread across 14 unique categories. Covering from food and drinks to skincare and hair products, it seems like the company owns everything.

6. HDFC Bank

  • Current Share Price: Rs. 1,592.55
  • 52-week high: Rs. 1,757.50
  • 52-week low: Rs. 1,365.00
  • Market cap: Rs. 12,45,400.00 crores

When we talk about online stock trading, we have to keep a lot of factors in mind to decide whether the company has fundamentally strong stocks or not.

HDFC Bank checks all those factors and comes out as a strong winner. Its business is spread in investment banking, transactional banking, and commercial banking services.

7. ITC

  • Current Share Price: Rs. 445.30
  • 52-week high: Rs. 499.70
  • 52-week low: Rs. 308.85
  • Market cap: Rs. 5,71,638.00 crores

ITC is one of the fundamentally strong companies in India and is highly diversified. Its presence is spread across packaging, hotels, FMCG, software, agribusiness, and paperboard. 

The latest reports of ITC show strong cash flows with zero debt and a high ROCE (Return on Capital Employed). Recently, the company has acquired two big brands; Savlon and Johnsons & Johnsons to expand its market share.

8. HCL Technologies Ltd.

  • Current Share Price: Rs. 1,178.20
  • 52-week high: Rs. 1,202.60
  • 52-week low: Rs. 882.00
  • Market cap: Rs. 3,10,267.00 crores

HCL Technologies is a subsidiary of HCL Enterprise and is considered to be one of the top 10 fundamentally strong stocks in India. Originally, the company was associated with research and development services. 

But today it has made a mark in software services. Currently, the company has three business verticals: technology & services, finance, and manufacturing, that offer multiple products and services to its customers.

9. Wipro Ltd.

  • Current Share Price: Rs. 416.05
  • 52-week high: Rs. 430.90
  • 52-week low: Rs. 352.00
  • Market cap: Rs. 2,29,270.00crores

Wipro is a multinational company that offers consultancy services, information technology solutions, and outsourcing services. The company provides business value to its clients and has spread its services across the world.

 10. Asian Paints Ltd.

  • Current Share Price: Rs. 3,174.65
  • 52-week high: Rs. 3,582.90
  • 52-week low: Rs. 2,685.85
  • Market cap: Rs. 3,19,451.00 crores

Asian Paints began its journey in 1942 and has turned into the country’s biggest paint brand and owns approximately 50% of the market share in the industry. 

This is a true example of being one of the most fundamentally strong stocks in India. Note that currently, Asian Paints is the 9th biggest paint company in the world.


This is the final list of the top fundamentally strong companies in India. Before investing in any stocks, do your research to make the right choice. Also, talk to an expert if you have any doubts to reduce your risk undertaking. 

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Disclaimer: The stocks mentioned above are not to be construed as investment advice. Investors/traders must conduct their own research before investing in any stock, commodity, currency, or derivative.