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smallcases on Dhan – Start Investing in Ideas!

We’re elated to announce that smallcases are now on Dhan!

☑️ What are smallcases exactly?

smallcases are baskets of stocks/ETFs selected & weighted intelligently to reflect an objective, theme, or strategy. These baskets are curated and managed by SEBI-registered professionals.

smallcases on Dhan

☑️ Understanding smallcases

The era of electric transportation is upon us. The Electric Mobility ecosystem is expected to grow up to $150bn by 2030, at a 90% CAGR every year. It seems like an exciting time to start investing in the EV ecosystem. Many sectors are involved in making & shipping an EV – metal bodies, batteries, software, and electricity among others. How can you find the right stocks? This is where smallcases come in! The Electric Mobility smallcase includes companies that could benefit from the increasing growth in the Electric Mobility ecosystem. This basket is curated and managed by SEBI registered professionals. It is periodically reviewed to check for rebalances.

Similarly, the “Digital India” initiative launched by the Government of India focuses on providing necessary infrastructure, digital empowerment to every citizen, and corporate governance. This initiative provides a huge opportunity for digital companies to grow. With the Digital Inclusion smallcase, you can invest in these companies easily.

☑️ Who can invest in smallcases?

Whether you’re an expert trader or a novice just starting your investment journey, there is a smallcase for everyone.

It takes a lot of knowledge and skill to invest in the equities market. Carrying out analyses for picking the right stock and tracking the performance of each stock is a strenuous task for new investors. With smallcases, the heavy-lifting of curating and managing a basket is done by professionals. All you have to do is choose from a variety of ideas that you are convinced about. 

Those with experience investing in the stock market can invest in unique strategies that aren’t available in the market or create their own smallcases.

☑️ Why choose smallcase?

smallcases make equity investing seamless and delightful. Here are different ways in which smallcase simplifies your investing experience:

  • You invest in up to 50 securities (stocks, ETFs & REITs) in one go
  • You invest in a well-researched portfolio backed by SEBI-registered professionals
  • The smallcases are regularly reviewed ensuring that your portfolio stays true to the original theme
  • When you invest in a smallcase, the stocks in the basket are credited to your Demat account and the dividends are credited to your bank account
  • You can track the performance of your investment, anytime anywhere
  • The baskets are entirely customizable – you can add, edit or remove any stocks from your smallcases
  • You can start SIP to build a disciplined investing habit. You can also easily edit frequency or amount and even stop SIP
  • You’re always in control of your investments – you can exit a smallcase anytime

Above all, you don’t need to create a new account. Log in using your Dhan credentials and start investing right away! What’s more? – Its absolutely FREE on Dhan.

If you are not a Dhan user, don’t worry – just open a demat account in minutes start investing in smallcases on Dhan.

Discover all smallcases

There is a smallcase for everyone. Build your long term portfolio with the right smallcase for you. Discover all smallcases right here.

Psst.. Got more questions? Check out the frequently answered questions.

Happy Investing 😇


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