How is Mobile Trading Changing the Face of Trading in India How is Mobile Trading Changing the Face of Trading in India

How is Mobile Trading Changing the Face of Trading in India?

Mobile trading is a facility that allows you to buy and sell stocks using your mobile phone. In 2010, SEBI approved trading via mobile phones. Since then, many brokerage houses have started offering the service to their customers.

As better internet connectivity and speed have spread to all parts of our country, this type of trading has become highly popular, especially with the newer generation of traders.

Why is mobile trading becoming popular?

Dhan Trading App

As new entrants look to start i nvesting in stock markets, a mobile trading app offers all sorts of conveniences. These platforms facilitate Demat account opening right from the comfort of your home or office by using your smartphone. 

No running around to the broker’s office or submitting any paperwork is now needed. The entire process is digitized and can be done online in no time.

πŸ“± What can you do with a mobile trading platform?

Once the Demat and trading accounts are set up, you can link your bank account to your trading account and electronically transfer funds to start investing. 

Mobile trading gives you the freedom to do the following functions from your mobile phone:

  1. Buy and sell equities
  2. Invest in mutual funds
  3. Apply for IPOs
  4. Trade futures and options
  5. Trade commodities
  6. Monitor your invested portfolio
  7. Instant fund withdrawal
  8. Pledge your shares for margin
  9. Access charts and other tools for market analysis
  10. Update yourself on news and market research
  11. Keep track of all your orders
  12. All statements and reports

πŸ€” Is it safe to use mobile apps for trading?

Technology has become a necessary part of our lives now. Online transactions have gained traction in almost all fields. From shopping to banking to paying our bills, so many transactions are happening online. 

All companies realize that it is crucial to invest in technology to give the customer an enriching and safe experience. Trends of the past decade have shown that mobile trading is the way to boost stock-market participation. 

Consumers have faith in online tech and are willing to adapt to the changes spontaneously. It is no different with brokerage houses. Dutifully, the brokerages ensure the latest security and encryption features so that the transactions on mobile trading apps are fast and secure.

Parting thoughts…

Mobile trading has become so popular that most stock broking platform are seeing more of their customers using trading apps than the web portal. And indications are that this tendency will prevail, and is here to stay.

With the convenience of trading being provided by such trading platforms, our responsibility is to trade wisely. We must not get swayed by any luring news and promises, constantly research well, and take well-thought market positions.

Know that it’s important to learn and understand a few things before you start investing in the markets. For more information on Demat, Trading and more read these blogs:

Happy Investing πŸ˜‡